Sylvia Browne Quote, recommended by someone in the MeetUp

One of my favorite things about the MeetUp group is the recommendations I hear from the participants. Often its about someone that I never would have seriously considered, based on my own intellectual prejudices and the media portrayal of an author. This was the case with Sylvia Browne, author of dozens of books on assorted new age subjects. (Hundreds?  My initial Amazon search for the title revealed 437 results!) What I didn't know was that she had written a book called "Past Lives, Future Healing" in which she claims to have done "thousands of regressions" over a period of 25 years, and this book was published in 2001. Just reading the sample impressed me, Here's a quote I thought I'd share -

“You have been alive since the beginning of time, in a gorgeous unbroken continuum, moving back and forth between earth and The Other Side many times. You have lived on earth in many different bodies, during many different eras in many different parts of the world under many different circumstances for your own carefully chosen purpose, depending on the goals and needs of your spirit’s progress. Please don’t let the term “past lives” mislead you into thinking you’ve arrived this time around as a separate person from who you’ve been before, alive, then dead, then alive again. No, what you’re living right now is simply the current phase of one life, the same eternal life your spirit has been living and will go on living forever.”

 Sylvia describes our present incarnation as "the current phase of one life", beautifully worded. And once again, my once closed mind is opened just a bit to allow in wisdom from an unexpected source.